1066 Harold’s Way

Walk 6 Rochester Castle to Maidstone

Sunday 2nd February

What a day yesterday turned out to be. I got to within half a mile of Maidstone and had to do a 1 mile detour because the Medway had burst its banks and the towpath was under a foot of water but I made up for it when I got to the White Rabbit. I also took the time to explore other hostelries around the town which is why I only completed one walk.

I’ve sent a photo of the storm damage around Kit’s Coty – a lot of trees have blown down and the path is not navigable as a bridleway but is OK for walking. The part of the walk that takes in Pilgrim’s Way is also under water for the most part as is the entry to the golf course just outside Great Cossington.

All in all though it was a good walk and I thoroughly enjoyed it.


IMG_2724  IMG_2732

IMG_2734  IMG_2736

IMG_2738  IMG_2754

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